Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Camp Weeks 1 & 2 Photos

Greetings Families!

Summer is officially in full swing, and all of us over here at Congdon Creek couldn't be happier. Summer Camps are off to an awesome start! So far the campers have had a chance to make new friends, see old friends, spend quality time in the sunshine and fresh air, and of course have tons of fun. The theme of the Camp right now is Sports, so we have had a blast doing all things sport related. Here are some fun pictures for you to get a peek into your cute little campers' day:

One of our favorite things to do at camp is to have some good 'ole free time at the playground:

...And the campers had a great time preparing for Father's Day. We walked up to UMD and to Mt. Royal to shop at both the Farmer's Market and the grocery store for fresh ingredients to make what many of them said was their dad's favorite food: Salsa!

After we found all of the ingredients, it was time to make the salsa:

It hasn't been all sunshine and beautiful weather, but these campers learned that sometimes instead of waiting for the rain to pass, you can learn to dance in the rain!

More fun times at the playground:

Celebrating a cute little someone's birthday with cupcakes!:

The kids really loved basketball day, but it was JP who could have stayed out on the court all day!!

And here's a fun photo of our CCP pool noodle baseball league:

Keep posted on the blog for more fun pictures to come!

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Last Week of School Photos

Hello Families!!

Can you believe this is the last post of the 2015/2016 school year? Wow, that flew by! But you know what they say, time flies when you're having fun, and boy did we have a fun year! Especially last week!! We saw the year out with a "Wacky Week" in which the preschoolers had a blast participating in fun themed days. Check out the sweet smiles we were able to capture this past week:

Tuesday was Wacky Hair Day! There were a lot of pigtails, crazy colors, and my favorite, a Vikings helmet!!:

Wednesday we released our inner wild child with Animal Day. This might have been the cutest day of the entire year. See for yourself:

Britt the giraffe

Sam the Big Bad Wolf:

Max the cutest Tiger I've ever seen!:

Ashley the Puppy and Iris the Bobcat:

William the Cheetah with his buddy Max. 

Sophia as Hello Kitty with JP:

Sami as another Hello Kitty with her friend Britt:

Renz the Lion

Grant the Dragon and Evy the Puppy:

Pierce the Turtle and Joie the Frog:

David was another Frog, and Cora was a seriously cute Dalmation:

Benji said he was a "Red-eared Flying Turtle":

Brynn as a little Ladybug and Oakley as a Puppy:

Dane wanted to be a Bobcat, and he was even good at making the Bobcat noise!!:

And Mariska the Unicorn:

And then we had our favorite day: Pajama Day! Check out these cute Pajama Boys:

The Yellow Group played at Old Main in their Pajamas:

And we ended the week with "Dress Your Best" Day where we used our very best manners all day, learned a little bit of etiquette, and we even learned how to do some fancy dancing:

Well, that's a wrap folks! Thank you for viewing the blog and staying updated with pictures, news, and events! The fun isn't over though as we will swing right into summer camps next week. If you haven't signed up yet, it's not too late! Email the school and we will get you a registration form right away. Thanks everyone for the fun year. We were so blessed to have you share your precious little people with us this year and they will forever be imprinted in our hearts!