Sunday, April 24, 2016

Earth Day Photos

Greetings Everyone!

The preschoolers had a wonderful time celebrating Earth Day all last week. We learned all about our environment and took a closer look at some of our planet's environmental issues. Then the children went a step further by putting their knowledge to work by coming up with solutions to help solve these issues. Some solutions the children came up with were to to use less garbage at lunch time, plant seeds, reuse & recycle, and clean up litter in our own neighborhoods. It was wonderful to see the children's love for their planet come out with such enthusiasm! The children were so excited about the fact that we were able to cut our lunch-time garbage down by 90%! We hope they keep up their new found efforts. Here are some fun pictures we were able to capture this week. Enjoy!

Rocco's grandparents came to visit the preschoolers for Rocco's VIP, and they brought flowers for all the children to plant:
...they also brought in Blue Bird houses that Rocco's grandpa made by hand!

Mrs. Elicia did a wonderful lesson on water pollution in which the children got to actually take a look at how hard it is to clean-up litter from the water:

And of course we ate Earth Day snacks:

And we did a little bit of fun Earth Day yoga: 

...and we had fun doing a neighborhood trash clean-up:

And to end, I will leave you with this Native American Proverb that touched our hearts:

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wacky Week Pictures

Greetings Families!

As usual we've been having tons of fun at preschool. Wacky week was a total blast, and we captured some fun pictures for you all to enjoy!:

Beach Day was super fun! It was still a bit chilly for actual beachwear, but it was fun to act like we were somewhere tropical!:

Favorite sports team day was a hit. It was fun to see all of the different sports jerseys, and we sure had a lot of Bulldogs!

Renz was a bit of everything for sports team day! 

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up day was fun. Here's a doctor and a firefighter..."

...and some superheros...

...and some army guys...

...lots of medical people!...

And of course we had April Fools Day in there....Ms. Patti always plays the best April Fools jokes. This year it was "ice cream" for snack (actually mashed potatoes!)

And then our favorite; Pajama Day! Complete with popcorn...


...and tons of smiles!

We start off this week talking about recycling, gardening, and loving our earth. Hopefully our Duluth Spring has some sunny days in store for us!

Warmest Regards,

CCP Staff

Sunday, February 28, 2016

March/April '16 Newsletter

Hello, Everyone! Spring is in the air and it makes it hard to believe how quickly the school year is flying by! The preschoolers will be moving on from their Outerspace & Weather units into more exciting themes: "Dr. Seuss", "Creative Me, Recying/Love our Earth", and "Nature Play"! The teachers have so many fun things planned, it is sure to be a blast!

We will swing right into the month of March by starting our "Dr. Seuss" Unit. We love to study Dr. Seuss here at preschool because not only is he responsible for writing so many famous books, but his books are so much fun that they really inspire children to develop a love for reading! During the end of March, we will dive into a unit called “Creative Me” in which the children will explore the many ways they can be creative through visual arts. We usually schedule some fun field trips for this particular unit, as well as have fun guests come to the school. If you or someone you know is an artist of any kind, contact the school and we would love to bring them in! We will focus on letters S-V, the number 100, circles, the color green, and positional words ‘near’ and ‘far’ for this month. The last week of March will be a "Wacky Week" where we have the children participate in daily themes. Also, please remember that preschool will be closed for Easter on Friday, March 25th and Monday, March 28th, so please prepare your schedules accordingly!

April will come to us with all of our fun springtime units: "Recycling/Love our Earth", and "Nature Play". We will focus a lot on our precious planet and the importance of taking good care of it. By the end of the unit we hope that all the children will be able to recognize that everyone contributes to the amount of trash created each day and learn simple ways that they themselves can divert the amount of trash that is sent to landfills. We will also do a lot of work with seeds and plants, and focus our attention towards everything that nature has to offer in terms of learning, working, and playing! We will focus on letters W-Y, the number zero, diamonds, colors black and white, and positional word ‘around’ for the month of April.

As the weather switches from snowy to wet (and a little bit of both), please continue to send appropriate outdoor gear: waterproof boots & gloves, snowpants, and hats. It’s also a good idea to keep sending those extra sets of clothes as children tend to get wet pants and tops from all the rolling around they do outside.

Snack Duty is almost all the way through. If your last name begins with R-Z you are assigned to donate snacks any time for the month of March and April.

Important Dates:
Tues. March 15th: Conferences
Wed. March 16th: Conferences
Fri. March 25th: No School
Mon. March 28th: No School
Tue. March 29th- Fri.1st: Wacky Week -
                                                                                             Tues 3/29: Beach Day
                                                             Wed 3/30: Favorite Sports Team Day
                                                             Thurs 3/31: What I Want to Be When I Grow Up Day 
                                                                     Fri 4/1: Pajama Day

Please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions!

Warmest regards, 
CCP Staff

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February Photos

Greetings Families!

We've had a fun and busy past couple of months. We've been learning, playing, celebrating, and working. Here are some fun snap shots to share with you so you can take a peek inside your little ones preschool life. Check it out!:

The beautiful winter has equaled a lot of playtime outside!:

...and of course playtime outside means warm-up time inside!:

The children have really been enjoying our Outerspace unit! They could go on learning about space forever! Here are two cuties experimenting with a little "moon dough":

Robert did everything in this jet-pack for a couple of days:

And what fun is an outerspace unit with out space-themed snacks?:

Here is astronaut Tui:

Our trip to the planetarium was totally awesome!:

During February we of course celebrated Valentine's Day!:

 And during February we also celebrated "I Love to Read" month. We got a generous response from volunteer readers. The kids just loved having guests surprise us by dropping in to read. Each time a new visitor came, Mariska would say "This is my lucky day!"

Sam W.'s grandma, Grandma Ellie read to us Curious George.

 Sophia, a Lester Park first grader read a fun kitty book:

Ian's mom, Stephanie read to us a Froggy book.

Elsie's mom, Carrie read There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. The kids loved it so much, they made her read it to them twice!

Sam O.'s mom, Angela, read the kids an adorable book called, Ella.

 And Andrea, Mylo's mom, read the children some of Mylo's favorite books!:

A huge thank you to everyone who came in to read! We are looking forward to having a couple more readers scheduled to finish out February.

This month we've also been talking about weather. The kids have been having a blast with our meteorologist news weather station:

 And of course we had a big 100th day of school celebration! The kids absolutely loved sharing their 100 item collections!!:

To celebrate the 100th day we also ate 100 snack items, did 100 different reps of exercises, colored 100 things, and put together 100 piece puzzles!!:

We will finish out the month by continuing talking about weather, and letters O, P, Q, & R. Spring will be upon us soon along with many, many more fun activities!

See you soon!

CCP teachers

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jan./Feb. Newsletter

What We’re Learning:

It’s fun to finally have everyone back from their Christmas vacations; getting back into the swing of things has been effortless so far as all the preschoolers were excited to be back at school! During the month of January we are having two units: Winter/Hibernation, and Sounds and Music. For our winter unit we will be focusing on winter animals, winter weather conditions, and focus on the vocabulary words: “adapt”, “hibernate”, and “migrate”. For our Sounds and music unit the preschoolers will be learning about sounds and music through playful experiences. We will take a look at how vibrations are responsible for the sounds we hear, and we will explore the elements of sound and how it applies to music. For the month of January we will focus on the letters: “L”, “M”, “N”; numbers: 7 and 8, the color white, and rectangles.

We have more fun thematic units planned for February as well: What’s in the Sky/Outer space and Weather. Studying outer space is so much fun! This theme could stretch over weeks or even months! We will begin by starting with what is most familiar: the sky that children see from their own windows and back yards. Then we will become astronauts and journey further out into space to find out what’s going on out in that “final frontier”. After we are through with our Space unit we will take a look at weather and the preschoolers will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the Earth we live in through the study of celestial movement. We will take a look at daily weather conditions and do some weather predicting ourselves. We will focus on letters “O-R”, numbers 9 and 10, the color red, and star shapes throughout February.


  • -          CCP follows Duluth Public School’s inclement weather policy.
  • -          Preschool will be in session during public school’s upcoming winter break.
  • -          The preschoolers will be hosting a Valentine’s Party on Friday, February 12th from 2:00-3:30pm. The children are preparing to sing on the stage followed by a reception that includes games and refreshments!
  • -          There will soon be a note coming home about a Valentine’s Card exchange. If your child would like to hand out Valentine Cards we are asking that each student bring 10 unaddressed Valentines that are not attached to a treat. We will be pooling all Valentine cards, and children will have an opportunity to select Valentine Cards at random. If your child would like to provide a treat in addition to cards please have treats separate as they will go into a universal “treat box”.

Please don’t hesitate to email the school with any questions you may have!
Warmest regards,

Ms. Jakki 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

December Pics

Greetings Everyone!

What a fantastic December it was here at preschool! The children enjoyed a beautifully mild start to winter and had fun in our Minnesota Winter unit as well as the Christmas season!! They learned about Minnesota and it's unique characteristics, about the animals that live here and how they live in the winter, and of course we focused a lot of time and energy on the upcoming Holidays! Here is a peek into the past few weeks:

Winter in Minnesota means ice fishing, and these boys had fun fishing on the "ice":

It seemed to take FOREVER, but everyone was excited to finally see some snow:

Prior to the snow fall, the kids got tired of waiting, so we had to make our own snow activities:

Here is Renz with some tasty snowball snacks!:

Our Holiday Program was a huge success. Can you believe how awesome the kids did singing? My favorite part either had to be Santa's appearance, or this yummy hot chocolate bar:

For a fun sensory/fine motor project we painted with spruce branches. It smelled lovely!:

Of course the preschoolers were bouncing off the walls with the anticipation of Christmas, so we took the walls away and logged many hours outside!!:

And to end the year, the preschoolers went caroling around the neighborhood. They sure did brighten everyone's day!:

I hope everyone has a beautiful and relaxing holiday break. School will be back up and running January 4th. We are excited for January's theme: Sounds and Music! Preschoolers make the best musicians.

Warmest wishes,

Ms. Jakki