Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jan./Feb. Newsletter

What We’re Learning:

It’s fun to finally have everyone back from their Christmas vacations; getting back into the swing of things has been effortless so far as all the preschoolers were excited to be back at school! During the month of January we are having two units: Winter/Hibernation, and Sounds and Music. For our winter unit we will be focusing on winter animals, winter weather conditions, and focus on the vocabulary words: “adapt”, “hibernate”, and “migrate”. For our Sounds and music unit the preschoolers will be learning about sounds and music through playful experiences. We will take a look at how vibrations are responsible for the sounds we hear, and we will explore the elements of sound and how it applies to music. For the month of January we will focus on the letters: “L”, “M”, “N”; numbers: 7 and 8, the color white, and rectangles.

We have more fun thematic units planned for February as well: What’s in the Sky/Outer space and Weather. Studying outer space is so much fun! This theme could stretch over weeks or even months! We will begin by starting with what is most familiar: the sky that children see from their own windows and back yards. Then we will become astronauts and journey further out into space to find out what’s going on out in that “final frontier”. After we are through with our Space unit we will take a look at weather and the preschoolers will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the Earth we live in through the study of celestial movement. We will take a look at daily weather conditions and do some weather predicting ourselves. We will focus on letters “O-R”, numbers 9 and 10, the color red, and star shapes throughout February.


  • -          CCP follows Duluth Public School’s inclement weather policy.
  • -          Preschool will be in session during public school’s upcoming winter break.
  • -          The preschoolers will be hosting a Valentine’s Party on Friday, February 12th from 2:00-3:30pm. The children are preparing to sing on the stage followed by a reception that includes games and refreshments!
  • -          There will soon be a note coming home about a Valentine’s Card exchange. If your child would like to hand out Valentine Cards we are asking that each student bring 10 unaddressed Valentines that are not attached to a treat. We will be pooling all Valentine cards, and children will have an opportunity to select Valentine Cards at random. If your child would like to provide a treat in addition to cards please have treats separate as they will go into a universal “treat box”.

Please don’t hesitate to email the school with any questions you may have!
Warmest regards,

Ms. Jakki 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

December Pics

Greetings Everyone!

What a fantastic December it was here at preschool! The children enjoyed a beautifully mild start to winter and had fun in our Minnesota Winter unit as well as the Christmas season!! They learned about Minnesota and it's unique characteristics, about the animals that live here and how they live in the winter, and of course we focused a lot of time and energy on the upcoming Holidays! Here is a peek into the past few weeks:

Winter in Minnesota means ice fishing, and these boys had fun fishing on the "ice":

It seemed to take FOREVER, but everyone was excited to finally see some snow:

Prior to the snow fall, the kids got tired of waiting, so we had to make our own snow activities:

Here is Renz with some tasty snowball snacks!:

Our Holiday Program was a huge success. Can you believe how awesome the kids did singing? My favorite part either had to be Santa's appearance, or this yummy hot chocolate bar:

For a fun sensory/fine motor project we painted with spruce branches. It smelled lovely!:

Of course the preschoolers were bouncing off the walls with the anticipation of Christmas, so we took the walls away and logged many hours outside!!:

And to end the year, the preschoolers went caroling around the neighborhood. They sure did brighten everyone's day!:

I hope everyone has a beautiful and relaxing holiday break. School will be back up and running January 4th. We are excited for January's theme: Sounds and Music! Preschoolers make the best musicians.

Warmest wishes,

Ms. Jakki

Friday, November 13, 2015

Healthy Kids Unit

Hello Everyone!

Our Healthy Kids unit is full underway, and everyone has been having a blast! The preschoolers have been busy learning about their bodies and the importance of maintaining good health through nutrition, sleep, and exercise. The children have been exposed to many fun types of exercise, with Zumba and Yoga being popular favorites! They have taken a look inside the human body through many varieties of literature to get an understanding of what a complex and fragile piece of art it is, and then they've had the chance to explore many fun ways to take care of themselves. The unit will continue to take place through the end of November, but we've taken so many fun photos in the process, that I couldn't wait to share! Take a look: 

Ian's dad, Brad gave a super fun demonstration on training and participating in a triathlon! The kids just loved him!:

The children got to prepare healthy vegetable soup that they called "Group Soup"! Each student provided a healthy veggie from home in which they got to clean, prep, and throw in the soup!

Some liked the soup, and some did not, but everyone gave it a try!

We learned that healthy bodies aren't always being physically active, but sometimes are mentally active! Here we did finger painting to music (which the kids could have seriously done ALL day):

 ...And here the kids made zen-gardens with scented "sand" and paintbrushes (again...hours of tranquil fun!):

And of course we had many opportunities for busy bodies to be creative:

We learned the importance of "eating a rainbow":

And the kids have been absolutely loving yoga (and are seriously cute doing it!!):

Stay tuned for more fun & healthy pics!

-Ms. Jakki

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nov./Dec. Newsletter

What We're Learning
November comes to us with many fun activities! Our Halloween Candy days are long gone as our theme of the month is Healthy Kids! We will be learning about nutrition, exploring many ways to exercise, and focus on being all-around healthy kids. And of course we will also be gearing up for Thanksgiving as time gets closer.

December’s themes will be Winter in Duluth & Holidays/Family Traditions. We will be diving into winter and what it means for the animals and people who live in our city. We will talk about weather changes, learn how to dress for winter, and identify seasonal characteristics of animals and environmental changes.

We will be focusing on the letters E-K, and we will also be learning about numbers: 3-6, shapes: triangle & oval, positional words: “on”, “off”, “over”, and “under", and colors: brown, gray, and blue. For reinforcement, look for ways to incorporate these areas in your everyday lives!

You will see we have a Parent’s Night Out scheduled in December. This is a fun night for the kids where they get to have a PJ party at school; eat fun treats, play cool games, do fun crafts, etc.! Not to mention the perfect opportunity for moms and dads to have a date night…or catch up on a little holiday shopping!! Be on the look-out for sign-ups at school.

Important Dates

Thurs. Nov. 26th & Fri. Nov. 27th: No School/Thanksgiving Break
Fri. Dec. 11th: Parent’s Night Out
Thurs. Dec. 17th: Preschool Holiday Program
Thurs. Dec 24th – Fri. Jan 1st: No School/Holiday Break


  • We are entering hats, gloves, boots, and warm jacket weather. Please make sure your child has these items at school.

  • We are looking for volunteers to come to school for a health/nutrition demo. Contact a teacher if you are interested.

  • Sept./Oct. Snack Duty assignments for last name beginning with F-L

End of October Pics

Hello Everyone!

The preschoolers have been busy, busy, busy! Not only have we been totally spoiled with some amazing fall weather, we've had tons of fun happenings going on around school! Check out some of the fun we've been having:

Sunny fall days call for lots of time up at "Old Main":

October was Community Helper month, so we took a field trip up to Mt. Royal Foods and Bulldog Pizza! It was raining for our walk, but the preschoolers sure didn't mind!!:

Fun times at Bulldog Pizza!!:

Halloween was sure a blast at CCP! Here is Quinn getting ready to carve her pumpkin:

And Cordelia painting with a Witch's Broom!:

The children got to have a pumpkin-carving party with the UMD girls soccer team!!:

And of course, we practiced a little trick-or-treating!

A BIG thank-you to everyone who contributed to our Halloween Carnival! It was a big success! We already can't wait until next year!!:)

-Mrs. Jakki

Sunday, October 18, 2015

CCP Firefighter Day

Greetings Families!!
Our Community Helpers unit at preschool is in full swing, and the children are loving every second of it! Last Wednesday, we had the fun opportunity to have firefighters come visit the preschoolers to talk about fire safety! In fact, one of the firefighters was a familiar face to some of the preschoolers: "Uncle Norm", or Firefighter Chris (Chris Orman!!)You can imagine the excitement that was buzzing around the school. The children got to talk about the risks of burns from fire as well as learn some fire safety skills, not to mention they got a full tour of the fire engine! It was a happy day!! Check it out:

And the last snip-it I'll leave you with is a fun video of Mrs. Elicia...only because I know how much she'll appreciate being on the internet. Not only was it firefighter day, it was also Mrs. Elicia's birthday! And she got to try on the fire suit! (Dream do come true here at preschool!!)
Have a great week everyone!
-Mrs. Jakki


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Community Helpers

Hello, Everyone!
It's been another great week here at CCP! Our Community Helpers unit has been off to a great start! We've taken a look at our community here in Duluth and have explored a variety of professions. We had our very first field trip last Friday, where we walked to the Mount Royal library. The children did a GREAT job with their walking! And everyone loved learning about the library. We had a big discussion on how the library is a community place where people go to learn and concentrate, and we practiced using our best whispering voices. The preschoolers did an awesome job whispering all during our visit....until they played with the train table! It is NOT easy to make whisper-train sounds! haha We tried!
This week we continue to talk about Community Helpers. The teachers have been busy working on setting up some potential field trips. A firefighter visit, a trip to the farmers market, and a trip to the grocery store are all in the works, so be on the look out for sign-ups at school.
Don't forget that this week is a short week! No school Thursday and Friday.
I'll leave you with some fun snap-shots of your cute little ones at work and play!!: