Monday, May 25, 2015

Music with Chris & Field Trip Pictures

Greetings Everyone!
There have been some fun happenings around the preschool lately and I have some pictures to share with you! Odin's dad, Chris Modec, visited the preschoolers with a super awesome music presentation. Chris is a unique and talented musician who creates percussion instruments out of...well...basically everything! Check it out:

Chris let the children find their own instruments from the kitchen to play!: 
And he even got the kids moving with some fun songs: 

Last Friday was our field trip to the Aquarium and Canal Park. We had a total blast and were blessed with beautiful weather! Here are some snap shots from the day:

 Riding the DTA is always exciting:
At the Aquarium. Paige said "I can't see anything!!!!": 
The shark was a major hit: 

A ship came through for us to see!!!:

Here we are at the Maritime museum:

We slowly made the walk back to Preschool, but not without ice cream! Thanks, Ms. Patti!!!

Well this upcoming week is our LAST week of school! We're going to slide on through it with a bunch of fun, themed days! Here is the wacky week schedule, so be sure not to miss it!!
Tuesday: Farmer Day
Wednesday: Pajama Day
Thursday: Wear your class color Day
Friday: Dress your best Day

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Aquarium Field Trip Info

Hello there!!

This upcoming Friday we are having a field trip day! Please double check that you have signed the permission form! The plan is to take the bus to the Duluth Aquarium around 9:30am and slowly make our way back to school on foot while touring parts of Duluth along the way. Here is our tentative itinerary:
 9:30am- Load the DTA
10:15am- Aquarium self-guided tour
11:15am- Walk to Playfront park for picnic lunch
11:30am- Lunch at playfront
12:30pm- Walk to Maritime Museum in Canal Park
2:00pm- Snack at the bandshell on lake walk
3:00pm- Stop at Endion park for snack
4:00pm- Arrive back at preschool.

We are asking that everyone arrives at preschool no later than 9:00am to ensure that we have time to use the restrooms and prepare to get on the bus. We have a parent who volunteered to bring our lunches down to playfront for us at lunch time, so brown-bags are not necessary, but keep in mind they will make things a little easier in terms of hauling lunches back and forth. If you will be picking your child up before 4:00pm, you can call a teacher at any time to get our exact location and we will wait for you:

Patti: 218-390-9160
Jakki: 218-310-5824
Elicia: 218-260-9925

Please don't hesitate to ask a teacher if you have any questions!!

Army Day

Hi Everyone,
I have some fun photos to share with you all!! As usual we've been busy with fun activities! Last week, the preschoolers were lucky enough to get to have a visit from an Army Soldier! With Memorial Day coming up, we invited First Class Sergeant Howard to come to the preschool and talk to the children about being in the military. Sergeant Howard told the kids all about his adventures in serving our country (working overseas, riding in aircrafts,  protecting our country!!!) He also taught the kids all about basic training, about all of the different branches of the military, he taught the kids how to salute, he taught the kids the Army song, he ran laps with the kids while calling cadence,  and he even gave us some basic training tests (push-ups!!). We even got to read a fun story about a military dad, and learned about the American Flag. The kids really looked up to Sergeant Howard (some called him 'Sergeant Hero'!!), and it was cool for them to see that Army guys are regular men and women in our community who proudly serve our country. Thanks Sergeant Howard!!!!