Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week 4 & 5 Camp Photos

What a crazy few weeks it's been! That weather sure took everyone by surprise, including the campers; but as usual, we didn't let anything get in the way of having a total blast at camp! These past two weeks we've been talking about Outer Space. We've been learning some fun and awesome facts about planets and stars, and we've been soaking up all the sunny summer weather. And we've gone on field trips. Lots and lots of field trips!! Have a look:

Flying a rocket kite at Congdon Park:

Exploring rocks and minerals at Tischer Creek:

One day we hiked up to the Reservoire and played for hours in this big old tree. It's amazing what a tree can do for the imagination!!:

Like all of our Space Camps here at Congdon Creek, we shot off a lot of homemade rockets! I think the campers could have sat and watched rockets blast off all day!:

Joie was a seriously cute rocket launching spectator!:

We got a chance to explore Lief Erickson Park and Duluth's beautiful rose gardens!:

We escaped the heat one day by playing in Chester Creek:

The kids had a blast catching crawfish!

And also to cool off we stayed close to camp base and played in the pools:

One day we hiked the air-conditioned skywalk down to the library for Kalidescope. No one finds downtown as interesting as a group of children!!:

We stopped in Amsoil where we really were able to cool down!!:

And we logged many hours at one of our favorite parks, Playfront!:

Next week we take a break, but we are looking forward to all the fun things we have in store for the remainder of August! Stay tuned for more fun photos!



Thursday, June 30, 2016

Week 3 Camp Pics

Greetings Camp Families!!

Another fun week has flown by, and everyone has had a blast during our Sports Themed Camps. We've focused on a variety of different sports and have had many games, challenges, races, competitions, and of course, free play in the fresh air! Here's a look at some of the fun times we've been having:

 Rolling down the hill at Holy Rosary!

These girls found some clay by digging deep in the sand at a nearby playground. They had fun making homemade pots, bowls, and mugs!

We had a fun gymnastics day at Endion Park:

And we started to get in the 4th of July spirit early in the week:

We had an exciting Track-and-Field day where we had an "Amazing Race" style series of challenges that lead us to UMD's field:

These boys were so cute....I told everyone to stretch before doing our timed sprints, and they took that very seriously:

JP was a lightning bolt for the races! The kid can RUN:

The Campers made these awesome 4th of July crowns! Notice the the "fireworks" coming out of some of them!!:

Guess what color frosting cookie Max & Mae had!

And as always....amid all the racing, crafting, gaming, and activities, we had tons of free-time at nearby playgrounds:

Also, don't forget, camp will be closed next week, and our schedule resumes Monday, July 11th. Enjoy your Holiday weekend everyone!!!