Saturday, October 1, 2016

All About Me Unit & Granparent Party Pics!

Greetings Everyone!!

A lot has been going on around the preschool, and as usual we have been a busy bunch! It wasn't long until our new group of students became acclimated with each other and the teachers and we were able to dig into our curriculum. We started off by having a Five Senses unit. The preschoolers had a wonderful time exploring all of their senses and making "sense" of the many ways they interpret the world!!

 Here are some kids on a "Senses Walk".

And here are some cuties on "hearing" day!!

What better of a place to explore your senses than the creek?

After we learned all about our Five Senses, we focused on ourselves and how much we've grown and developed since being babies!!! We learned all the ways we are unique as individuals, the many different types of families we all come from, and the beautiful and many different ways we enjoy life and play! We also took a look at all the wonderful things the children can do now that they are "big kids" and not babies anymore!

Here are some trying baby food! Yuck! Glad we're big kids now and can try a variety of healthy and new foods!!

We looked at what it takes to properly take care of babies. Babies can't do anything on their own like big kids can!!

Here are some kids using their big kid capabilities to make strong towers. We tried to see who could make the strongest tower!

And then of course we had our wonderful Grandparent's Tea Party! The party was a huge success! All of the grandparents were so awesome, and everyone had a fabulous time! How precious it was to see all of the grandparents playing, laughing, dancing, and even spoiling their little ones with sweet little treats! Take a look:

Great work at the start of the school year everyone! I think we're off to a wonderful start! October switches now to our Community Helpers unit!! We have MANY parents who have jobs/positions that our preschoolers would just love to learn about, so if you feel like you'd be able to share what you do with the class, please let a teacher know!

Warmest Regards, 


Sunday, September 11, 2016

First Week of Preschool

Welcome to Preschool, Everyone! It has been a fun and exciting time of year as the teachers, families, and students have begun to settle into the school year. The first week of Preschool is a transition time for everyone, and I have to say, it went about as smoothly as possible! We haven't quite jumped into our curriculum yet as we have been teaching the children about our routines, procedures, and rules. The first week of preschool is all about establishing routines, and we all know that preschoolers love routines! Preschoolers thrive on understanding how their day will unfold and predicting what will happen throughout the day. The first week of school can often be a little stressful for some children, but know that it's most likely because they aren't quite able yet to predict how the day will unfold. If this sounds like your child, rest assured that it won't be long until everything becomes familiar and natural to them!

In the mean time, we've been able to catch your little cuties in action for their first week of preschool! Check it out:

Getting to know the teachers and each other during some morning free time:

These two were so cute hamming it up in the loft:


Elliot loving him some dress-up clothes:

Hudson busy cooking everyone some lunch!:

...along with Happy Chef Morgan!!:

...and we logged many beautiful hours in the sunshine:

There are many more pictures where these came from, so check back soon for more!!

Warmest Regards,

Ms. Jakki

Monday, September 5, 2016

Meet the Teachers

Hi! I'm Michelle Fairchild. I am originally from Grand Forks, ND, but my home now is Duluth. I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor's degree in Business and I also have an Assossiates degree in   Early Childhood Education from WITC. I have many years of experience working with children and love being an Early Childhood Educator. I've been married to my husband Corey Fairchild for 15 years and together we have five beautiful children; Culley 20, Evy, 13, Aly 11, Izy 10, and Renz 6. When I am not busy running my kids to and from activities, I love going to the cabin, reading, golfing, and skiing. I'm looking forward to an exciting year!

My name is Elicia Burns and I am a licenced Early Childhood Educator from UMD. I have been working in the field for over ten years. I love Duluth and all it has to offer. My husband, two children (Breck 8, & Cullen 6) and I love to be outside playing sports and enjoying the lake. I look forward to meeting you and working with you over the course of the year.

Hi! I'm Jakki Weyrauch. I am a UMD graduate with a degree in Elementary Education and a Specialization in Reading and Language Arts, and have over 10 years of experience working with children. I'm married to Andy Weyrauch, and together we have two beautiful children; Sophia 7, and Sam 5. As a family we love to travel, play, and explore Duluth. In my free time, I love to go sailing, do yoga, cheer on the Vikings, paint, and bake. I look forward to working with you and your children this year!

Hi! I'm Patti Cane, owner/director of Congdon Creek Preschool. I'm married to Greg Cane and together we have a daughter Amanda. I have been involved as a teacher with CCP for 20 years. I'm very involved with the community, I love to coach soccer and skating for all ages. I love chocolate and outdoor adventures. 

My name is Geneva Wychor. I'm orginally from the twin cities, and I graduated from UMD with a Bachelor's degree in Women's Studies.
For the past year I've been working at the Duluth Boys and Girls Club where I've been a program leader, an art specialist, and I've helped facilitate the growth of children ages 6-18 through enrichment programs. I am excited to build relationships with children and their families here at CCP! 

Hi! I'm Chelsey Youngblom. Duluth is my hometown and I love this city! I enjoy traveling, exploring Duluth, sailing, and photography among other things. This will be my second year at CCP as an Assistant Teacher, and I'm looking forward to working with this year's group of families!

I'm Megan Hovick! I currently am working at CCP for my third year as an Aide. I am studying Education at UMD, and I am originally from Prior Lake, MN. I love being active outside, and spending time with my family. I've enjoyed working with the children from CCP, and I can't wait for another exciting, fun year!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 7 Summer Camp Pictures

I love all camps, but Nature Camp has to be one of my favorites. There's just something about watching children imagine, create, and play within nature that is so magical. This past week we took the kids all over the east end in search of some awesome places to play in Duluth's elements, and not only did we have a blast, we played outside the entire usual!! Take a look:

Making and sailing boats in Tischer Creek:

These kids were cute because they kept trying to make boats out of rocks. But do you think the teachers told them: "Hey! Those will sink!"? Nope! We let them find out for themselves by experiencing the process. And guess what? They eventually had beautiful boats made from bark and leaves!

Here we are hiking up the trail to go find the perfect spot for a picnic:

On Tuesday we found ourselves all the way over at Meyers-Wilkins Elementary School, and they fed us the most delicious breakfast!!!

After breakfast we stopped at Portland park and the kids were happy to find a huge puddle! Our Nature Camp kids were so funny because hardly any of them even touched the playground equipment, but instead dug right in to the puddle!!

Wednesday it was too hot to travel far, so we made our way Old Main for some field play:

And we set up tents and roasted some marshmallows:

Also we collected beautiful items from nature around Old Main and turned them into beautiful wreaths:

...then later that afternoon we held a free lemonade stand:

Thursday was the kick-off for the Tall Ships Festival and we wanted to be front and center to see all the boats, and were we ever! We played in the water, painted some rocks, and there was so much activity going on around us, that at one point we saw ships, boats, a helicopter, a sea plane and a train all at once!  

That's all for today! Stay posted for more pics to come!!

Ms. Jakki