Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Preschool Thanksgiving Pics

Greetings Everyone!
We hope you all had a wonderful, and heart-warming Thanksgiving. We had an awesome month of November here at Preschool with our Healthy Me Unit, and our week of Thanksgiving fun! The preschoolers also had a chance to celebrate Veteran's Day and learn about the brave men and women who serve our country. As always, we captured some fun pics along the way...check them out:

Here are some friends celebrating Veterans Day. We read a story about a little girl's father who was deployed and had to leave the family for a while; and then we made our own soldiers out of paper:

Lydia's daddy serves in the military, so she was extra proud to make our thank you cards that we sent to a Military Unit in Bloomington, MN.

And then of course we had fun getting into the Thanksgiving Day spirit with lots of turkey crafts and activities: 

No one appreciates a good Duluth snowfall more than these guys...we sure hope we get to play in some more snow soon (...I know, I know! Be careful what you wish for!!)

Hope you enjoyed these snap shots. Now that December is upon us, we have a super fun "Christmas Around the World" unit planned. We hope to answer the big question: "Do children that live in other areas of the world celebrate Christmas the same way we do?" We sure have a lot of fun activities planned, and we also hope to dig into our own family's holiday traditions and celebrations. If you have a cool holiday tradition your family does that you would like to share with the students, please feel free to schedule a visit (ahem...lefse making anyone??!)

Happy December and keep posted for more news, updates, and fun photos!

Warmest regards,

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Community Helpers/UMD Party

Greetings everyone! We have officially wrapped up our Community Helpers Unit at preschool, and boy was it a blast! We had such an awesome month learning about the community we live in and all the different types of people it takes for our community to function. We explored many different types of community helpers through literature, crafts, snacks, manipulatives and more, plus we also invited in several guests to visit the children over the course of the month. Check it out:

Jemma's mom, Annie is a stylist at Fitgers Salon & Spa. She taught the kids all about hair care and how to keep our hair healthy. She showed the kids her many awesome tools that she gets to use, plus she even demonstrated how she gives a haircut on Jemma! The kids absolutely loved her, and Jemma was so proud to show off her mom!:

Cora's uncle, Officer Kerfeld, paid us a visit and taught the kids about safety, about the law, how he helps to protect us, and about some of his duties as a police officer. He even let us take a tour of his patrol car!:

We had a super fun visit from Shawna from Animal Allies! She taught the kids all about the service animal allies provides for our community, plus she taught us about all of the important responsibilities that come with owning a pet. She brought in a sweet dog friend who was blind and deaf, and the children were so nice and calm around her! Was a treat it was to have them visit!:

We also had a fantastic visit from two of our doctor moms, Aimee VanStraatan and Claire Mallof. They did an awesome presentation on our bodies; what we have on our insides plus how to keep them healthy! The kids got to see and test out some cool doctor tools, meet a really cool human body puppet, and then make the coolest wearable human bodies out of brown paper grocery bags that were so darn cute!

And we also had a fun visit from Hartley Nature Center! They talked to the kids about the importance of sustaining nature in a community, and we took a look at how squirrels specifically live and how they are preparing for winter right about now! Through fun games, exploration, and even a puppet show, the kids learned what squirrels eat, how they behave, and where they live.

And as usual we've clocked many, many hours outside:

And in the midst of all of this Community Helpers fun, we've had an awesome time getting ready for Halloween. Last Thursday we hosted the UMD Bulldogs Women's Soccer Team in a pumpkin-carving party. It was such a blast! Together the soccer girls and the kids got to carve pumpkins, have a dance party, go on a skeleton scavenger hunt, make Halloween treats, and even play with Champ!

Oh what fun it is to be a Congdon Creek Preschooler!! Keep posted for more fun pictures to come of all the wonderful things we have planned ahead!

Warmest Regards,


Saturday, October 1, 2016

All About Me Unit & Grandparent Party Pics!

Greetings Everyone!!

A lot has been going on around the preschool, and as usual we have been a busy bunch! It wasn't long until our new group of students became acclimated with each other and the teachers and we were able to dig into our curriculum. We started off by having a Five Senses unit. The preschoolers had a wonderful time exploring all of their senses and making "sense" of the many ways they interpret the world!!

 Here are some kids on a "Senses Walk".

And here are some cuties on "hearing" day!!

What better of a place to explore your senses than the creek?

After we learned all about our Five Senses, we focused on ourselves and how much we've grown and developed since being babies!!! We learned all the ways we are unique as individuals, the many different types of families we all come from, and the beautiful and many different ways we enjoy life and play! We also took a look at all the wonderful things the children can do now that they are "big kids" and not babies anymore!

Here are some trying baby food! Yuck! Glad we're big kids now and can try a variety of healthy and new foods!!

We looked at what it takes to properly take care of babies. Babies can't do anything on their own like big kids can!!

Here are some kids using their big kid capabilities to make strong towers. We tried to see who could make the strongest tower!

And then of course we had our wonderful Grandparent's Tea Party! The party was a huge success! All of the grandparents were so awesome, and everyone had a fabulous time! How precious it was to see all of the grandparents playing, laughing, dancing, and even spoiling their little ones with sweet little treats! Take a look:

Great work at the start of the school year everyone! I think we're off to a wonderful start! October switches now to our Community Helpers unit!! We have MANY parents who have jobs/positions that our preschoolers would just love to learn about, so if you feel like you'd be able to share what you do with the class, please let a teacher know!

Warmest Regards,