Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 7 Summer Camp Pictures

I love all camps, but Nature Camp has to be one of my favorites. There's just something about watching children imagine, create, and play within nature that is so magical. This past week we took the kids all over the east end in search of some awesome places to play in Duluth's elements, and not only did we have a blast, we played outside the entire usual!! Take a look:

Making and sailing boats in Tischer Creek:

These kids were cute because they kept trying to make boats out of rocks. But do you think the teachers told them: "Hey! Those will sink!"? Nope! We let them find out for themselves by experiencing the process. And guess what? They eventually had beautiful boats made from bark and leaves!

Here we are hiking up the trail to go find the perfect spot for a picnic:

On Tuesday we found ourselves all the way over at Meyers-Wilkins Elementary School, and they fed us the most delicious breakfast!!!

After breakfast we stopped at Portland park and the kids were happy to find a huge puddle! Our Nature Camp kids were so funny because hardly any of them even touched the playground equipment, but instead dug right in to the puddle!!

Wednesday it was too hot to travel far, so we made our way Old Main for some field play:

And we set up tents and roasted some marshmallows:

Also we collected beautiful items from nature around Old Main and turned them into beautiful wreaths:

...then later that afternoon we held a free lemonade stand:

Thursday was the kick-off for the Tall Ships Festival and we wanted to be front and center to see all the boats, and were we ever! We played in the water, painted some rocks, and there was so much activity going on around us, that at one point we saw ships, boats, a helicopter, a sea plane and a train all at once!  

That's all for today! Stay posted for more pics to come!!

Ms. Jakki

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week 6 Summer Camp

Camp has been a total blast so far this summer, it's hard to believe there are only a couple of weeks of it left! These past few weeks we had an amazing Nature theme, which was so awesome to do in our lovely city that offers so many natural playgrounds. We looked at birds, bugs, butterflies, trees, waters, and many more things that nature gives us to play with, learn from, and sustain on. Here are some fun pics we captured along the way:

We spent many hours in the creek; imagining, playing, pretending, creating, and exploring:

We also spent a day down by the canal were able to spy this beautiful ship going out:

And of course we had to sneak some Olympic fun in!!




Here are some kids making stick people with actual sticks:

And finally here are some girls being plain old silly....trying to trick us that they were sleeping!!

Stay tuned for more nature-loving fun!!