Monday, June 5, 2017

Final Field Trip Photos

Hello Families, and Happy Summer! 

It's hard to believe the school year is already behind us, but boy did we go out with a bang! The last week of school, we had tons of fun on not one, but TWO fun field trips! For our first trip we took a school bus to Ashley's Grandma Mary's farm, followed by a picnic lunch at Enger Tower! Check out all the fun we had:

So fun to ride the bus!!:

At the farm we got to feed goats, a donkey, a llama, and horses some carrots:

A Cutie with a carrot!:

The horses were shy (but more likely terrified) of us, but Dude the Donkey was all about the carrots!:

We got a tour of the barn and saw all that goes into caring for animals:

Checking out the tadpoles in the pond:

After the farm, we headed over to Enger Tower where we had lunch and did some exploring. The zen garden was surprisingly a big hit!:

For our second field trip, we hiked through the neighborhood and Chester trails to get to the Hillside Whole Foods Co-op!

Stopped at a playground along the way:

Touring the grocery store:

Each kid got a turn to play "clerk" and ring up food! How fun!!:

We got to be "Food Explorers" and try new and interesting things. The Kumquat faces were the best:

Heading home:

And then we caught a bus ride home:

What an awesome end to a fantastic year! I hope everyone had as much fun this year as we did! Have a great summer and we hope to see you soon.